4 Springare IM tournament ove PDF Skriv ut E-postadress
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2019-06-24 09:55

4 Springare IM tournament over. Congratulations to all participants. My old 4 Springare members and my old students FMMilton Pantzar, FM JungMin Seo and FM Hampus Sörensen showed very solid play as their previous trainer and chess teacher I can be proud. I can see that IM titel is very close to them and it can be only question of short time period. I wish them good luck and will be great to see all of them fo 4Springare 20 years jubileums GM tournament. Our juniors from Belarus got also great experience and we definittely will see them again. Matvey Papunidi won our Junior International 5 years ago and he is on his way to top players. Boris Vainerchuk was Belarus junior champion 5 years ago and we welcome him now to SS 4Springare Alsvenska team as well as winner of Junior International tournament Axel Falkeval. Enjoy some pics from closing ceremony and Boris perfomance.


Korstabell efter 9 ronder

Plac.NamnRatingNation12345678910Poäng TB1  TB2  TB3 
1IMTsyhanchuk Stanislav2359BLR*½101111117,570,027,75
2IMGrishchenko Sergey2411RUS½*½½1111117,560,027,75
3FMPantzar Milton2379SWE0½*1½½1½116,041,022,00
4FMSeo Jung Min2392SWE1½0*½½1½116,040,023,50
5FMSorensen Hampus2333SWE00½½*½1½1½4,520,015,25
6FMKononenko Dmitry2267UKR00½½½*101½4,020,014,00
7Mattsson Michael2053SWE000000*1113,030,06,50
8Papunidi Matvey2092BLR00½½½10*0½3,010,013,00
9Vainerchuk Barys1912BLR00000001*12,020,04,50
10IMOdnorozhenko Evgenyi2247UKR0000½½0½0*1,500,05,75