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2012-04-18 23:00

4 Springares CHESS SUMMER CAMP 2012

SS 4Springare will organize its traditional summer camp. This is a great chance to make new chess friends and have fun! This year we will stay again at picturesque Domarudden, Åkersberga (

Date: Sunday 17th June 2012 – Wednesday 20th of June 2012

Drop off: Domarudden, Åkersberga at 11 am. Lunch will be served at 12 noon.

Pick up: Domarudden, Åkersberga 3pm.

Price: 1500 SEK is to be paid into SS 4Springares pg. 121 38 69-9 no later than 25th of May 2011. The price includes: accommodation, food, chess lessons & tournament (Open 4 Springare Chess Club Championship with our famous “Vandring pris” and golden plates with Winners names, and of course, trophies to all participants) after – class activities and a Party, Party, Party on every evening. Special guests with chess lectures and chess kids from other chess clubs.

Pocket money: 150 SEK.

Detailed info (prel): Summercamp important info 2012

For details please contact: Vladimir Poley 0735 793205 or email Den här e-postadressen är skyddad från spamrobotar. Du måste tillåta Javascript för att visa e-postadressen .


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